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"Unorganized Crime" got into Cantebury Anifest!!!
Three previous BAFTA nominations all came from this festival!!! Who knows..

"Layered" got into The British Film Council!!!

Stuttgart International animation festival 48 hour jam 1st prize
Me and Dane Winn got qualified into the Stuttgart international animation festival to make a short animated film in 48 hours. The only thing we got ready was the character (modelled, rigged and textured). From the first minute Dane began animating and I started modelling the environment. We came up with the story in the airport on the way to Germany and story boarded it in our hostel. working on it for 48 hours was really challenging though. We had 2 short naps during the whole time, but i guess it was worth it. We won first prize!!! -What a great experience!!! Here's the film, enjoy!

IMAGINE - magazine
Our team (a Foot Apart Productions) got into the new issue of Imagine-magazine as the "rising Stars" in animation. It is the best timing we could wish for and we're really excited about it. Thats me in the middle, WOHOO!!!!

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