Sunday, 28 February 2010

Early background-concept for the new short animation.

We have begun working on a new short animation with "the foot apart"-production, which consists of most of the same people as the previous film. In this concept done with photoshop, I wanted to test out the colours in the room where the film takes place. My main focus was on making it a messy, but cosy bungalow, so lots of dark wood and random scattered objects around the room. Because it was mainly a colour test, i didn't bother designing all the random stuff that will eventually be seen in the room. The light from the window was very important to me as well. The wooden shudders block the light slightly and in the final film i'm very keen on having an over exposed light from behind the shutters. It is still early days and this is the first concept i made for the new film.

one of my so far favorites

this guy is amazing.. love the style and his use of lighting is fascinating!!! ...a really inspiring artist. Worked on several pixar films including "The Incredibles" and "Up".