Wednesday, 9 December 2009

"Blobs day out": thin marker, ink and water colours

These are just some doodles that I have done on my free time.. most of them pure procrastination. And I named each one just for a laugh.

..worst names ever..
These rendered shots are from the 90 second short animation called "Facing the Tub". It's a uni project that started on September and is due in the beginning of January. So far we are on schedule. Right now we are animating and have about 2 weeks time left for that. We've rendered a few scenes and i'm very happy with the look of it. One of the things I am in charge of is designing, modelling, texturing and lighting the set. We wanted the film to have a nice "cubic" look so designing each element for the bathroom was good fun. It was great researching actual bathrooms and then making my own "cubic" designs. I have learned so much during this project and want to thank Dane Winn for helping and guiding me. Hopefully it all comes well together in the end. Can't wait to see my first complete CGI animation!!!
Concept art for the set in the short animation "Facing the Tub". I went for the cubic look and the group agreed that it worked nicely and we should definately use it when modelling the set in Maya. See rendered images for actual screen shots of the bathroom.

"slime-suit": pencil

"lady on a rock": pencil

"4 handed": pencil