Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Modelling a photoreal car

I modelled this car in a day and played around with the textures the second day. Lots of compositing in After Effects. This was also the first time I ever modelled a car using panels and starting from the wheel arches. It really is so much easier that way, can't believe i havent done that before. Live and learn.

Friday, 13 May 2011

E4 - ident "Diamond in the Rough"

This is my E4-ident that i submitted to the competition. I made it in 2 days. The first day i modelled and animated everything, the second day i rendered and composited the piece. The music was a ready track that the competition supplied us with. ENJOY!!! -oh and go VOTE online at

here's some making of pictures:

the only props needed. Duplicate and scale..

"Layered" - 48 hour Animation competition - WE WON!!!

Me and Dane Winn got qualified into the Stuttgart international animation festival to make a short animated film in 48 hours. The only thing we got ready was the character (modelled, rigged and textured). From the first minute Dane began animating and I started modelling the environment. We came up with the story in the airport on the way to Germany and story boarded it in our hostel. working on it for 48 hours was really challenging though. We had 2 short naps during the whole time, but i guess it was worth it. We won first prize!!! -What a great experience!!! Here's the film, enjoy!